Full Circle Artist Residency (2010)

Poster design
Poster/Advertisement layout/design by E.Pasternak. Illustrated Image by J. Chernecki.

The Full Circle Artist Residency was a 45-day project presented by the Rare Earth Society in conjunction with Gropp’s Gallery, in Vancouver BC during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The residency was designed for our selected artist (Amanda O’Keefe, NJ/USA), to explore and experience a world-class city, develop new work, initiate discourse and collaborations among peers and the public, and advance their career on a local and international stage.

The Yurta functioned as a unique live/work space, community gathering spot and exhibition space all in one – and was temporarily located at Main and 6th Avenue.

Erin was a key facilitator and liaison between artists, the public and the city for this international artist residency. Erin’s role encompassed organizational and administrative support, visual documentation, artist call and jury facilitation, event and program planning, advertising, publications, social media work, tours and interviews.

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