Gropp’s Garden Photobooth (2009)

Gropp’s Garden Photobooth

Selected images taken during the opening reception on Friday August 21, 2009 of “Gropp’s Gambit: Secrets from the Garden”, an exhibition of artist works from the Gropp’s Gallery Collective at the Ayden Gallery in Vancouver, BC. I set up a live photobooth project with a backdrop and props, including a vintage gramophone on loan from the Pitt Meadows Museum, for capturing portraits of the artists and guests.

“The kids that play in the Gropp’s House are propagating. The rich compost of painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers, print makers, poets and performers that compose this Vancouver artist collective, have taken root in Tinseltown’s Ayden Gallery with the intention of planting seeds. They are laying the groundwork for an environment that celebrates the wonder, the curiosity, the foolishness and the seduction of combined intellectual perception and visceral sensation.  Gropp’s emerging artists promise that every experience will become a unique adventure unto it’s own, a cosmic game of unraveled mysteries revealed within.

At Gropps Gambit you will be confronted with bones, bugs, rocks, trees, dirt, blood, feathers, flowers and crows. Gropp’s artists are part of the revolutionary generation who push a more elemental worldview. The collective is based on collaboration, intermingling of minds, influence, friendship, work and shared energy. They’ve broken the world into pieces and are reassembling it in a completely new and organic fashion. To fully experience the blood and culture, the Dionysian thought processes, the macabre, the madness and the intermingling between contemporary art dialogues and our fanciful flirtations within the infinite world of play, you will have to see it for yourself.

Our remnants mix with those of the past and decompose with the plants and the grass.  How many of the layers last?”

This special exhibition featured works by: Carla Dearman, Jeff Boyes, Joanna Karczmarek, Jesse Early, Jordan Turner, Christopher Polyck, Jeffrey Hallbauer, Dyanna Beckwith, Michael Hathaway, Jolene Mackie, Erin Leigh Pasternak, Frances Ho, Grant Hash, Maddog, Joanna Lehrer, Pirooz Nemati, Gropp. Curated by: Jennifer Chernecki

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