ITA Youth Maker Playbook (2017)

Maker Playbook
Front Cover and Inside Front Pocket of the Maker Playbook (with teacher's guide)
Maker Playbook : Maker Heroes Portraits (2016)
Portrait of Emily Smith at Trout Lake (2016)
Portrait of Zee Kesler at Trout Lake (2016)
Maker Playbook : Portrait of Nathyn Sanche and his Metal Rose
Maker Playbook : Metal Rose
Maker Playbook : Portrait of Maker Hero Emily Smith in the Tiny House (2016)
Portrait of Emily Smith in the Tiny House (2016)
Maker Playbook : Maker Heroes Portraits (2016)
Justin Miles and Nathyn Sanche
Portraits of Justin Miles and Nathyn Sanche at Trout Lake (2016)

The Maker Club Playbook Manual is a 2 part resource created by Emily Smith and Zee Kesler of the Magic Trout Imaginarium, in conjunction with the Industry Youth Training Authority. The manuals feature Photographs by Erin Leigh Pasternak.

The Maker Club Playbook introduces students and teachers to maker culture while providing ideas, inspiration, technical skills related to the trades and projects ideas to support teachers in implementing the new ADST curriculum. The manual features a number of “maker heroes” who have followed their childhood passions for making and now use their technical skills to make engaging, fun and inspirational projects. The manual is not meant to be prescriptive, but rather serve as a sample of ideas for ways to introduce students to the trades through in engaging fun projects that can be customized to their interests.

The Teacher Guide provides a background on maker culture and explains how the movement relates to ADST, a much needed cultural shift in making vs consuming and the need for skilled trades in Canada. The manual also provides resources to link teachers to Maker Clubs across North America and tips on how to cultivate the maker spirit in your school.
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