The Magic Trout Imaginarium (2015)

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Published Feb/March 2016
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The Tiny Community Centre project is a mobile classroom and artist residency in a tiny house! This project was led by local Vancouver Artist and Project Director Zee Kesler (and her amazing team of imagineers and builders!) and culminated in a 23.5-foot-long, 8.5-foot-wide, and 13.5-foot-tall house on wheels – built from scratch with mostly donated, recycled and re-purposed materials. It is furnished simply yet decadently with a fresh coat of robin’s-egg blue paint, black trim and cedar wood detail. Red and blue accent trim frames the windows. Small curiosities and little works of art (from local artists) adorn the walls, lush green plants hang from the rafters, and a fantastic mural by Ruth Munro in her flowing story-telling stylings highlight the back wall of the tiny house. There is a kitchen area with sink, and a small open loft space, and numerous spots to gather, including a built-in storage bench with numerous fold-out work spaces allow user groups to work in different configurations.

In September 2015, the Tiny Community Centre recently moved to a beautiful spot at Trout Lake, overlooking the soccer pitch, surrounded by the willows and the lake on the North-Eastern corner of the Trout Lake Community Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia. A rather idyllic environment for the Imaginarium; An artist project featuring a series of workshops, artist residencies and happenings focused on curiosity, wonder and inspiration in the Trout Lake community.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind artist-imagined space and has presented a number of hands-on learning, making and education exchange possibilities for the artist’s team and the local community from the initial onset of the build. The current Artist residencies at Troute Lake (Winter 2015, Spring 2016) feature local artists and community educators, Emily Smith and Françoise Thibault at the Trout Lake Community Centre, both of who deliver to their communities, beautifully unique making and learning opportunities that connect us to material, to nature and to each other – in this space – to foster the creative spirit in all of us.

“The Magic Trout Imaginarium will be the first public project based out of the Tiny Community Center. Through a series of workshops, scavenger hunts and activities, artists Emily, Françoise and Zee engage the public in creative exercises designed to collect stories, document history and build playful connections between neighbours of all ages and cultures. In our workshops, we explore art making as a means of self expression in order to create a new understanding and appreciation of Trout Lake’s natural ecology, environment and neighbourhood as a place of wonder and inspiration.”
-Zee Kesler,

The Magic Trout Imaginarium is made possible by the Artists In Communities program run by the Vancouver Park Board and is the dream and reality of my good friend and local artist Zee Kesler.

For more information on the Tiny Community Center / Magic Trout Imaginarium Project, please visit the following links:

Trout Lake Community Centre - 2016 Spring Rec Guide

Trout Lake Community Centre – 2016 Spring Rec Guide

January 27 2016 – Saturday 11-1pm
March 26 2016 – Saturday 11-1pm
April 30 2016 – Saturday 11-1pm
May 28 2016 – Saturday 11-1pm
June 25 2016 – Saturday 11-1pm

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